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YA series circular vibrating screen product overview
YA series circular vibrating screen box trajectory for the circle, is applicable to coal, limestone, gravel, sand, metal or nonmetal ore and other material screening.Outside the body adopts frame type structure, the use of conventional motor drag vibrator made sieve body along the direction of vibration force week deadline reciprocating vibration, material on the screen as circular motion in a row, so as to achieve screening purpose.

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Product traits or characteristics

The working principle of YA series circular vibrating screen
YA this series of circular vibrating screen is mainly composed of screen box, screen, vibration and damping spring, etc.Vibrator is installed on the screen box side plate, and by the motor through v-belt drive rotation, generate centrifugal force, forced vibration sieve box.No special requirements such as user, YA YA and 2 for textile screen surface, YAH model for punching sieve surface, each kind of screen surface can meet the high screening efficiency, long service life, no blocking by the hole.This series of machine for a type of installation.Screen surface inclination adjustment can be implemented by changing the position of spring support height.Motor can be installed in the left of the screen, can be installed on the right side of the screen, if no special requirement, supply manufacturers according to the right side of the material movement direction installation.YA series circular vibrating screen technology introduced from abroad, has high screening efficiency, scientific and reasonable structure, high strength and stiffness of the whole machine and smooth operation, strong and durable, low noise, easy maintenance, etc.
According to different user needs, this series of circular vibrating screen machine optional metal wire woven mesh, the rods, casting, welding, punching, and other forms of screen surface, in order to meet the needs of different industries.
1, the structure of the large circular vibrating screen are woven mesh, punching sieve plate, and the polyurethane sieve plate.
2, reliable circular vibrating screen structure, strong exciting force, high screening efficiency.
3 strong vibration, high frequency vibrating screen box, reducing the material blocking the phenomenon of mesh, the sieve has high screening efficiency and productivity.

The working principle of

The circular vibrating screen supporting way of suspension and seat type supporting two kinds.Screen surface of hanging bearing is fixed on the screen box, box by spring suspension or bearing, spindle bearing installed on the sieve box, main shaft by the belt wheel drive and high speed.With eccentric disc is installed on the spindle, the spindle rotation, generate centrifugal force, the free vibration of the screen box produce approximate round track vibration.The dimension from the centerline of the eccentric and bearing of vibration eccentricity.

Basic parameters of products

model Number of screen surface Screen area(mm) Mesh size (mm) maximum feed ruler (mm) processing capacity (t/h) Vibration frequency (Hz) double amplitude (mm) electric power(kw) weight(t) dimensions
YA1230 1 3.6 3-50 200 7.5-70 800-970 8 5.5 1.75 3073x2030x1611
2YA1230 2 3.6 3-50 200 7.5-70 800-970 8 5.5 2.34 3122x2050x2247
3YA1230 3 3.6 3-50 200 7.5-70 800-970 8 7.5 3.05 3122x2050x2700
2YA1548 2 7.2 5-50 400 50-208 970 8 15 5.33 4400x2610x2857
3Y1548 3 7.2 5-50 400 50-250 970 8 15 6.07 5650x2528x3400
3YA1848 3 8.64 5-80 400 50-300 970 8 18.5 6.93 5027x3100x3500
3YA1860 3 10.8 5-50 400 50-350 970 8 22 7.7 6200x2240x1650
2YA2160 2 12.6 5-100 400 100-500 730   30 10.2 6374x3821x3707
2YA2460 2 14.4 5-150 400 150-700 730   37 12.35 6374x4121x3707

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